Family Organic Cookbook

Family Organic Cookbook
Author: Carol Charlton
Publisher David & Charles, United Kingdom (2000)

In an age when food scare follows foodscare and childhood allergies are on the increase, feeding your family may seem like a nutritional minefield. Constantly checking packaging small print for genetically modified ingredients, counting the additives in ready-made meals and trying to keep the sugar, salt and fat levels moderate can take all the enjoyment out of creating interesting, tasty meals.

The only way top be certain about what your family is eating is to make it yourself from ingredients that you know you can trust. And if you despair of ever finding enough time to make your own fish fingers, lunch box fillers or tea time snacks, try some of the quick and easy recipies in this book. More importantly, you will be helping your family to change the way they think about food. At a time when major sporting events are sponsored by the makers of sugary drinks and snacks and it's impossible to escape the adcertising of the fast food giants, a change in our attitude towards what we eat has never been more vital.

Hard cover, 192 pages (used)
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