The Organic Baby Book

The Organic Baby Book
Author: Tanyia Maxted-Frost
Publisher: Green Books, United Kingdom (1999)

The Organic Baby book is the first popular guide to the benefits of an organic and GM-free wholefood diet for conceiving and raising a healthy child, and the first to review all organic products now available for your baby, for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, and for young families.

This book also features:
* organic health and cutrition tips from organic mothers and leading nutrionists
* advice from the experts, including Patrick HOlford, Leslie Kenton and Dr Sarah Brewer
* a guide to organic parenthood
* the world-renowned Foresight preconception programme which, using organic dietsm has reversed infertility, eliminated miscarriages, malformations and infant deaths for thousands of couples
* the experiences of parents who have gone organic and reaped the rewards
* how to'green' your home for your new baby
* the vaccination versus healthy immune system debate

Softcover, 192 pages (Used)
NZ$ 15.00
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