Alternative Energy - Wind Energy

Alternative Energy - Wind Energy
Author: Graham Rickard
Publisher: Wayland, United Kingdom (1990)

During th e oil crisis of the early 1970s research into alternative sources of energy increased greatly. Today, when environmental conserns have pushed alternative energy to the fore again, many of the schemes first conceived in teh 1970s are operational. Others are still undergoing development.

This colourful series highlights both the positive and negative environmental implications of using alternative energy. It also examines how alternative sources are providing power all around the world at the moment, as well as the potential for their use in the future.

The world's wind have provided energy for all its people fo rthousands of years. Wind energy may become one of the main sources of poewe for the twenty-first century and beyond. this book shows how today's modern wind trubines have developed from the windmills of the past. The reader will learn about all of the latest developments in wind technology, from giant turbines in Hawaii to windfarms in Wales. These are explored using colour photographs and artwork.

Hardcover, 32 pages
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