Colin Goes Bush

Colin Goes Bush
Author Sandy McKey
Publisher: Longacre Press, New Zealand (2003)

Colin Kennedy thinks about big things. Like cleaning up our environment. And he doesn't just think: he acts. He's an eco-warrior.

Colin goes on protest marches and once nearly saved his local recycling plant. But right now his whole world is going to the pack. His new teacher couldn't care less about being green, his father is acting weird and his mother keeps getting strange phone calls; in fact, his parents always argue - and never recycled.

When Colin learns that loggers want to destroy a stand of acient native trees, he's prepared to wear a bird suit just to get his message across. But here come chainsaws, and the police ... it's all too much!

A very funny story which scoots along at skateboard pace.

Paperback, 157 pages (as new)
NZ$ 15.00
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