Your Health & Your Home

Your Health & Your Home
Authors: Nina Anderson and Albert Benoist
Publisher: Keats Publishing Inc, United States (1994)

A step-by-step guide to diagnosing your home's environmental ailments and curing them ... fast! The "sick house syndrome" is more and more recognized as the source of a host of diseases, and here is the first practical workbook for dealing with it. The authors, environmental and building consultants, discuss some 70 symptoms and the pollutants aggravating them, where pollutants will be found in the house, and pratical techniques for reducing or eliminating them.

Step by step Benoist and Anderson show you how to see if lead, radon, tobacco smoke, outgassing carpets or panels, paints or other environmental hazards are a problem in your home (perhaps for the first time letting you know why you feel so bad so often!) and how to turn your house into a health-fostering shelter and not a hothouse for illness.

Softcover, 159 pages (Like new)
NZ$ 20.00
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