The Allergy-Free Home

The Allergy-Free Home
Author: Vittoria D'Alessio
Publisher: New Holland Publishers, Australia (2002)

The industrialised world is facing an allergy epidemic. For the past 40 yeats, there has been a startling increase in both humdrum and exotic auto-immune responses to our environment,and it is now estimated that one in three people suffers from some of allergy. Whatever the root cause of the allergy plague, the fact that indoor pollution is a major - perhaps even the main - contributing factor is fas gaining acceptance among allergy experts.

The focus of this book is on the positive steps that each one of us can take to reduce allergy-causing problems within the home with a minimum of expense and disruption. For example, advice is given on the many simple changes you can make to your household environment that will dramatically reduce the indoor air pollutants believed to trigger allergic disorders; there is precise cleaning information regarding dust mites and moulds; and a list of no-allergic indoor plants. You will also find recipes for safe and natural cleaning products.

Softcover, 126 pages (As new)
' Earth Angel 2022.
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