1001 Little Ways to Save Our Planet

1001 Little Ways to Save Our Planet
Author: Esme Floyd
Publisher: Marks & Spencer, United Kingdom (2007)

Small changes to create a greener, eco-friendly world

With ideas for recycling, conservation and enrgy efficiency,
1001 Little Ways to Save our Planet offers quick, simple ways to reduce your impact on the environment and start living in harmony with the planet. Green-living tips include how to limit the damage done by global warming, polution and toxins, as well as decrease reliance on fossil fuels and make eco-friendly choices such as buying from sustainable sources. Even if your an energy-guzzling, 4x4 driving, plane-loving consumer, you'll be amazed at how just a few small changes in your work and home life can reap big benefits for the global community.

Soft cover, 224 pages (used)
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