Save - Your Money, Your Time and Your Planet

Save - Your Money, Your Time and Your Planet
Authors: Shannon Lush & Jennifer Fleming
Publisher: ABC, Australia (2008)

Shannon Lush and Jennifer Fleming's Save is full of clever ideas to help you get the most from everyday household items. In the process you'll save money, save time and save the planet! Turn your trash into cash.

These days, once we've finished with something, we tend to throw it away rather than consider if it has another use. In Save you'll find hundreds of ways to reuse common items that you have around the house. Discover how to turn a lampshade into a wastepaper bin, create magazine holders from cereal boxes and stop your nuts and bolts from rusting. Learn how to use old corks and umbrellas, revamp your tired-looking couch and clean aluminum pots using apple peel. There are tips on how to get the very last bit out of bottles and the many uses for takeaway containers and tin cans. Read advice on how to be a smart shopper, and learn the secrets to making a leg of lamb last all week!

Remove the burden of living on a tight budget, use your time more creatively, reduce landfill and have fun in the process. It's good news for you and good news for the planet.

Soft cover, 299 pages (new)
NZ$ 25.00
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