Green Living

Green Living
Authors: Sarah Callard & Diane Millis
Publisher: Carlton Books, United Kingdom (2001)

A practical guide to eating, gardening, energy saving and housekeeping for a healthy planet.

Every day we make choices that affect our health at a micro level - our bodies and our famiies - and, on a macro level, our environment.

Most of us keep buying packaged food, throwing plastic and foil away, using commercial detergent, spraying with aerosol cans, jacking up the heat on a cold night - even though we know better - because living green has always taken too long and cost more.

But times have changed - you can live greener, make a difference in your home, in your diet, in your garden and your office without spending more and taking more time. There's a product revolution going on and this book is filled with up-to-date information on the new, streamlined ways to live gren without sacrificing time and money.

Packed full of easy ways to improve your health and that of the planet, this definmitive guide to green living shows you how to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle by making a few simple changes.

* The best green products for home and garden;
* Ideas for reducing waste and conserving energy room by room;
* Recipes for delicious organic dishes from food you have grown your self.

Making our planet healthy and safe for our children, grandchildren, and future generations has to be a priority starting now. The expert advice and information in Green Living will make this crucial change to a eco-friendly lifestyle possible - and pleasurable - for everyone.

Soft cover, 192 pages (used)
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