Vinegar -Soft cover

Vinegar -Soft cover
Authors: Maria Constino and Gina Steer
Publisher: Star Fire, United Kingdom (2008)

Vinegar - The complete practical handbook

The powerful properties of vinegar make it an indispensable addition to any household. Vinegar is the essential guide to maximizing the potential of this environmentally-friendly, multi-purpoe product.

Discover the story of vinegar as it is traced back to its place in early civilizations and its production methods are explored, then learn how to distinguish between the many types of vinegar available today. following this is a veritable compendium of uses for vinegar, ranging from clothing stain removal to relieving the itch of a mosquito bite and from stripping wallpaper to clearing drains.

Not only does Vinegar provide solutions to numerous household, health and even appearance problems, it also details culinary tips and tasty recipies for pickles, dressings, sauces and dishes that include vinegar. The final portion of the book gets the kids involved, with some fun science experiments that will see them enjoy themselves while they learn. The clear and simple style of the text and practical photographs make Vinegar an appealing an informative guide to this most useful of substances.
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