Going Green

Going Green
Author: Vivian Head

This book gives you usefull hints and tips on how to become eco-friendly, for example:
- avoid buying produce in fancy packaging, this will help reduce needless waste.
- ride your bike to work instead of taking the car, this not only keep you fit but it reduces pollution as well.
- replace a standard lightbulb with a compact flourescent one, this will give you more light for less money and save a lot of energy.
- create a compost in your garden where you can throw your leftover food, which can later be used on your garden.
- Grow a garden full of flowers and vegetables, not only will this help reduce soil erosion but it will also give you a plentiful supply of fresh produce.

Take the plunge and have a stab at going green yourself, you'll be surprised how little effort it takes.

' Earth Angel 2022.
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