War and Peace

War and Peace
Author: M Twinn
Publisher: Child's Play (1991)

This picture book helps you to explain how conflict and war arise, at home, in families, sport, between causes, and countries.

'If we only listened to the other side's point of view, we could often resolve problems and arguments without fighting. If we act in the heat of the moment, it is soon too late to avoid conflict.'

Through examining the causes and impacts of conflict on countries, culture, and people, children can learn that war is not the answer. Just because war has been a means to solving conflict for a long time it does not mean that it is right to keep going to war to solve conflicts.

'But we can't wait for nations, groups or families to see sense. It has to start with each one of us. There are more of us than we think. We can convince the others. Let's do something about it. NOW! Let's live in peace. Let's share our world. War is just plain SILLY.'

Hardcover, 32 pages (new)
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