Ask Isaac Asimov - Why Are Some Beaches Oily?

Ask Isaac Asimov - Why Are Some Beaches Oily?
Author: Isaac Asimov
Publisher: Garath Stevens Publishing, United States (1992)

Ask Isaac Asimov - a series specially designed to address those hard-to-answer questions young readers often ask their parents. Assisted by stunning photographs and illustrations, and using his characteristic light tone and deft touch, world-famous science writer Isaac Asimov addresses both the key question of each book and a host of related concepts.

Oil is one of our most valuable and potentially damaging natural resources. In Why Are Some Beaches Oily?, Isaac Asimov describes how oil is transported, the risk of oil spills, and the terrible loss of wildlife caused by oil pollution.

Hardcover, 24 pages (new)
NZ$ 10.00
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