Disaster! In the Environment

Disaster! In the Environment
Author: Paul Mason
Publisher: Belitha Press, United Kingdom (2002)

This exciting new series for young readers homes in on the world's worst diasters. Find out how our environment is being damaged - by pollution,global warming, rainforest destruction and much more. clear text and stunning photographs reveal the secrets of these threats to our planet.

Topic include:
* Disaster
* Chernobyl meltdown
* The global greenhouse
* Alaskan Oil Spill
* Killer gas in Bhopal
* Rainforest catastrophe
* The rubbish mountain
* The world's whales
* The shrinking sea
* Great survivors
* Environmental rescue
* Disaster facts
* Disaster words
* Disaster projects

Hardcover (1) and Softcover (2), 32 pages (new)
NZ$ 35.00
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