World Issues - Genetic Engineering

World Issues - Genetic Engineering
Author: Steve Parker
Publisher: Chrysalis Children's Books, United Kingdom (2002 and 2003)

The World Issues series covers some of the most controversial subjects affecting our lives today. Each title looks first at one person's experiences, and then examines the facts, arguments and opinions from around the globe. Special debate panels, supported by a wealth of resource material, invite the reader to discuss the issues that are currently shaping our world.

Genetic engineering allows today's scientists to affect life itself. This books asks whether it will prove to be a blessing or a curse. What exactly is genetic engineering? How can it help fight against sickness and famine? Is GM food really safe? What does the cloning of human beings mean for the future?

Award-winning author, Steve Parker, has written more than 150 books, and gives regular talks and science workshops for schools, libraries and television. He is a Scientific Fellow of the Zoological Society of London, and has worked for organizations including the Science Museum and the BBC.

Topics include:
* Naomi's Story
* What are genes?
* What are genetic conditions?
* What is biotechnology?
* Does genetic engineering affect my food?
* What is cloning?
* Is genetic engineering big business?
* Reference
* Glossary
* Further information

Hardcover or softcover, 57 pages (new)
NZ$ 15.00
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