World Issues - Equal Opportunities

World Issues - Equal Opportunities
Author: Fiona Macdonald
Publisher: Chrysalis Children's Books, United Kingdom (2004)

The World Issues series covers some of the most controversial subjects affectin g our lives today. Each title looks first at one person's experiences, and then examines the facts, arguments and opinions from around the globe. Special debate panels, supported by a wealth of resource material, invite the reader to discuss the issues that are currently shaping our world.

Equal opportunitie should be an unquestioned part of modern society. But this book asks whether minority groups really are given equal opporunities in education and employment. Why are women paid less than men? What is institutionalized racism? Why are transport and workplaces still unsuitable for people with disabilities?

Award-winning author, Fiona Macdonald, studied history at Newnham College, Cambridge, and has worked as a university tutor as well as giving talks for schools and television. She has written over 100 information books for young people.

Topics include:
* Neil's story
* Waht are equal opportunities?
* How did equal opportunities begin?
* Are worlking women equal with men?
* Why is there racial discrimination?
* How does religion affect equal opporunities?
* Are people with disabilities given equal opportunities?
* Do older people have a right to work?
* Can we achieve ewual opporunities for all?
* Reference
* Glossary
* Further information

Hardcover, 57 pages (new)
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