World Issues - Consumerism

World Issues - Consumerism
Author: Alex Woolf
Publisher: Chrysalis Children's Books, United Kingdom (2004)

The World Issues series covers some of the most controversial subjects affecting our lives today. Each title looks first at one person's experiences, and then examines the facts, arguments and opinions from around the globe. Special debate panels, supported by a wealth of resource material, invite the reader to discuss the issues that are currently shaping our world.

How and what you buy in the shops has repercussions that impact on people worldwide. This book examines the fundamental questions surrounding the issue of consumerism today. What is consumerism? When did consumerism begin? Why do businesses advertise? Are children affected by consumerism? How does consumerism affect poorer countries?

Author, Alex Woolf, studied History and Government at Essex University. After ten years spent editing series for children on history and social issues, he is now a freelance writer, specializing in 20th-century history and politics. He has written books on subjects ranging from the Wall Street Crash to terrorism.

Topics include:
* Rajendra's story
* What is consumerism?
* Has consumerism always existed?
* What drives us to consume?
* How does consumerism affect society?
* How does consumerism affect poorer countries?
* Are non-western countries consumerist?
* Does consumerism affect the environment?
* Why are some people opposed to consumerism?
* Is consumerism good or bad?
* What is the future of consumerism?
* Reference
* Glossary
* Further information

Hardcover, 61 pages (new)
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