Biomes - Oceans

Biomes - Oceans
Author: John Woodward
Publisher: Chrysalis Children's Books, United Kingdom (2003)

The Biomes series looks at some of the Earth's major life zones: the natural networks of living things found in different regions of the world. Each title opens with one person's experiences, then considers how plants and animals interact with their surroundings. The book goes on to examine the human impact on the biome. Throughout, special debate panels invite the reader to discuss selected issues.

The oceans are the Earth's largest biome, home to a huge range of life forms, This book looks at how oceans work - how they formed, how currents and tides work and the different types of environment within them. It also discusses the impact that people have had on oceans. Should we worry about overfishing and pollution? If so, what can we do to prevent them.

The author, John Woodward, has written more than 30 bools and many hundreds of articles on wildlife and the environment. He has edited major reference books on science and the natural world, and has been a regular contributor to a number of multi-part encyclopedias.

Topics include:
* Hassan's story
* What are oceans?
* How do oceans work?
* What lives in oceans?
* What lives at the ocean edge?
* How do we use the oceans?
* Are we destroying the ocean wildlife?
* Are we poisoning the water?
* What is happening along the coasts?
* How is climate change affecting the oceans?
* What lies ahead?
* Reference
* Glossary
* Further information

Hardcover, 57 pages (new)
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