Biomes - Rainforests

Biomes - Rainforests
Author: Tony Allan
Publisher: Chrysalis Children's Books, United Kingdom (2003)

The Biomes series looks at some of the Earth's major life zones: the natural networks of living things found in different regions of the world. Each title opens with one person's experiences, then considers how plants and animals interact with their surroundings. The book goes on to examine the human impact on the biome. Throughout, special debate panels invite the reader to discuss selected issues.

Rainforests contain a huge diversity of life forms, and may be a major influence on the global environment, yet many are being destroyed. This book looks at how rainforests work, what makes them such rich habitats, and why we need them. What are the consequences of their destruction? What canwe do to prevent it?

The author, Tony Allen, worked on the Time-Life 'People of the Wild' series profiling indigenous peoples in the rainforest and other environments. He has also written books for adults and more than a dozen children, including a retelling of Edgar Allen Poe stories for a Children's Book Award.

Topics include:
* Aeca's World
* What are rainforests?
* What grows in rainforests?
* What lives in rainforests?
* How do people survive in rainforests?
* Why does the world need rainforests?
* Why are rainforests being cut down?
* What do we risk by destroying rainforests?
* Can rainforests be saved?
* Reference
* Glossary
* Further information

Hardcover, 56 pages (new)
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