Material Matters - Metals

Material Matters - Metals
Author: Terry Jennings
Publisher: Chrysalis Children's Books, United Kingdom (2003)

Look around you. All the things that we build, that we travel in, that we use in our homes, schools and workplaces ... just about everything is made from materials that we either dig out of the gorund or get from teh plants growing there.

This colourful and informative book introduces young readers to one of these important materials - metal. It explains where different metals come from, how they are mined, and what they are used for. It shows clearly just how important metals are to the world we live in.

Topic include:
* Everyday metals
* Where do metals come from?
* Mining metals
* Iron and steel
* cooper and aluminium
* Mixing metals
* Shaping metals
* Cutting and joining metals
* Metals and electricity
* Rusting and tarnishing
* Precious metals
* Recycling metals
* Do it yourself
* Glossary

Hardcover, 32 pages (new)
NZ$ 10.00
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