Silent Spring - hardcover

Silent Spring - hardcover
Author Rachel Carson
Publisher: Penguin Group, United Kingdom (1962)

Rachel Carson's scientifically passionate exposure of the effects of indiscriminate use of chemicals is still of vital importance. In her vivid and well-informed text she describes how pesticides and insecticides are applied almost universally to farms, forests, gardens and homes with scant regard to the consequent contamination of our environment and the widespread destruction of wildlife. She argues that unless we recognize that human beings are only a part of the living world, our progressive poisoning of the planet will end in catastrophe. Silent Spring remains the classic statement which founded a whole movement and should be read by everyone who is concerned about the future of our world.

Photo: Rachel Carson - back insert cover of The Sea Around Us - Special edition for young readers

Hardcover, 304 pages (Used with some aging)
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