Cases in Environmental Management and Business Strategy

Cases in Environmental Management and Business Strategy
Author: Richard Welford
Publisher: Pitman Publishing, United Kingdom (1994)

This casebook consists of real-life case studies which illustrate a range of possible strategies for environmental improvement and is an invaluable resource for further debate on key environmental issues affecting business. It demonstrates the variety of strategies used by industry to cope with environmental legislation and consumer pressure and covers eight broad areas:

the environmental challenge
legislation and environmental standards
the development of environmental policy at company level
environmental auditing and life-cycle assessment
environmental management systems
green marketing
environmental ethics

This innovative text complements Environmental Management and Strategy by Richard Welford and Andrew Gouldson. Using named company examples it provides a clear snapshot of the strategies currently being developed by leading firms; considers impediments to improvement (particularly among small businesses) and evaluates workable strategies to help ensure that organizations meet the environmental challenge. It also provides exercises to further develop concepts covered in the cases.

Softcover, 216 pages (used)
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