Planet Earth - The Future

Planet Earth - The Future
Authors: Environmentalists and biologists, commentators and natural philosophers in conversation with Fergus Beeley, Mary Colwill, and Joanne Stevens
Publisher: BBC, United Kingdom (2006)

Planet Earth is the most spectacular television series about the natural world that has ever been broadcast. It showed us places and species we had never seen before and made us marvel at the amazing diversity, beauty and wonderous natur of life.

Planet Earth - The Future revisits many of those places and species and, through the thoughts and opinions of more than 40 international experts and leaders, reveals what the future is likely to hold for them and, ultimately, for humankind.

This book presents the words of those leaders adn experts in a series of though-provoking answers to hugely important questions.

Read Planet Earth - The Future to fin out about how climate change is affecting the Earth, why biodiversity is of value to us and what most threatens it today, why it matters if species die out, and how we can prevent extinctions, why we need wilderness and why the sheer beauty and fascinating nature of life on Earth is vital for our well-being.

Contributors include: Archbishop of Canterbury, David Attenborough, Tony Juniper, James Leape, Thomas Lovejoy, James Locklock, Jeff McNeely, Richard Mabey, tony Martin, Wangari Mathaai, Robert May, Russell Mittermeier, Craig Packer, Martin Palmer, Roger Payne, Sandra Postel, M A Sanjayan, Clare Short, Mark Stanley Price, E O Wilson.

Soft cover, 256 pages (used)
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