Fostering Sustainable Behavior

Fostering Sustainable Behavior
Doug McKenzie-Mohr and William Smith
Publisher: New Society Publishers, Canada

An Introduction to Community-Based Social Marketing

As consumption patterns threaten to outstrip the Earth's ability to support humanity and other species, one thing becomes clear: that we cannot continue to live in the same old ways. In North America, initiatives on the road to sustainability include programs to increase energy efficiency, reduce waste and water consumption, and alter transportation patterns. But changing our lifestyles to create a sustainable future will require yet more sweeping changes in public behavior.

While conventional marketing can help create public awareness, social marketing identifies and overcomes barriers to long-lasting behavior change. Fostering Sustainable Behavior details how to uncover the barriers that prevent people from engaging in sustainable behaviors, and provides a set of tools that help to foster behavior change. It also describes how to design and evaluate effective programs.

This ground-breaking book collects together the strategies and methods which collectively form the basis of community-based social marketing - a proven breakthrough in the field. It was written for all those who are involved in designing, implementing and evaluating public education programs with the goal of promoting sustainable behavior.

Soft cover, 161 pages (new)
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