Environment and Industry

Environment and Industry
Authors: New Zealand Scientists
Publisher: [Christchurch]The NZ Institute of Chemistry (Inc), New Zealand (1974)

New Zealand, because of its geography, low population and relatively small industrial capacity, is often regarded as being far removed from the pollution problems of the rest of the worl. It is not, however free from pollution.

Environment and Industry is a collection of lectures given by eminent New Zealand scientists to meeting of the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry. It is a significant contribution to public educationon the problems and possible solutions to local pollution.

Its publication is timely [1974], for New Zealand still offers an excellent opportunity to limit pollution to acceptable levels. In this the success of scientists and technologists, coupled with public and political awareness, will be paramount in determining the quality of future life in these islands.

Softcover, 98 pages (Used - name on cover and inside page)
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