Beyond the Limits

Beyond the Limits
Authors: Donella H Medows, Dennis L Medows and Jorgen Randers
Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing Company, United States (1992)

The authors of Beyond the Limits, sequel to the international bestseller The Limits to Growth, have revised their landmark population and economic growth scenarios using the World3 computer model, a variety of new policy frameworks, and updated data. They conclude that the global industrial system has already overshot some of the earth's vital ecological limits and could collapse by the middle of the next century - unless we commit ourselves to sweeping systematic changes in the 1990s. While detailing the dimensions of our crisis, Beyond the Limits seeks to show hoe we can support all the world's people and adequately and sustainably long into the future. This is a book of urgent warning and abiding hope.

Softcover, 300 pages (near new)
NZ$ 25.00
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