Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle 124 Piece, Lion

Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle 124 Piece, Lion
Brought to us by Puzzle Master, this incredible Wooden Lion Puzzle is sure to be a "roarsome" puzzle for any puzzle enthusiast to put together! hen it comes to jigsaw puzzles, Puzzle Master is one of the most iconic names around. What makes this Puzzle Master Lion Jigsaw Puzzle so special is that the puzzle is actually shaped like a lion! It has a very stylish use of colour and once completed, the jigsaw puzzle is going to really pop. uzzle Master has taken this new series of animal themed jigsaw puzzles to the next level! Their jigsaw puzzles have always been known for their high quality, but this one here is made using actual wood for all 124 of the pieces! Features: 24 may not sound like much, but the design of this puzzle makes it a fun challenge The way this lion looks is very cool All of the pieces are made of wood The high-quality printing makes the image really spring to life This is a fun way to relax and give your mind a wood workout!

Measurements 30cm x 22cm
NZ$ 25.00
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